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موضوع: [ROM] InsertCoin 5.0-5 | Stable | Mods | Performance | Sense 5.5 | Android 4.3 | KUSTOMIZER 1.1.7 | T-MO US WiFi Calling | SPRINT Support

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    کاربر جدید

    کاربران عضو
    تاریخ عضویت
    Oct 2013
    نوشته ها
    رام موبایل
    HTC Sense 5 . Rom 4.3 Update
    محل سکونت
    امتیازها : 104
    سطح : 2
    امتیازها: 104, سطح: 2
    تمام شدن سطح: 8%, میزان امتیاز صعود به سطح بالا: 46
    فعالیت کل: 12.0%
    تشکر شده 2 بار در 2 ارسال

    [ROM] InsertCoin 5.0-5 | Stable | Mods | Performance | Sense 5.5 | Android 4.3 | KUSTOMIZER 1.1.7 | T-MO US WiFi Calling | SPRINT Support

    InsertCoin 5.0-3 works on International, TMO, ATT and Sprint
    InsertCoin 4.0-4 works on INT, ATT, TMO and Sprint


    * Unlocked Phone @ HTCDEV or S-OFF
    * Custom Recovery
    * Common Sense, Brains and logic
    License Agreement

    By downloading and flashing InsertCoin Custom ROM for HTC ONE(m7) you agree to the following:

    • Your warranty is now void.
    • I am NOT responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROMbefore flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
    • Support is limited. I do this as a hobby in my free time. I'll do my best to help you if you state your problem in clear English, with as much information as you can (what mods you selected, have you wiped, when exactly does the error occur, what type of phone you have (ul, l , ws etc.), what carrier, logcat and so on. The more information you offer, easier for me to help you. If you do not ask for support in clear English and with no information what-so-ever I will ignore your issue!
    • Leave the self entitled customer attitude at the door. I am under NO obligation what-so-ever to do anything for you. If I do it is because I like helping people. Using custom work published on XDA is not a right, it is a privilege. If you think otherwise please read here. Or watch this video.
    • NO Requests! When I work on InsertCoin I have in mind that I have to satisfy all users to a decent level. What works for me might not work for you and vice versa . I'm not your personal ROM developer and it is not my job nor my intention to make everybody happy.
    • Do not come here asking "Hey mate, X rom has that awesome feature and if you don't implement it in your rom, I'll <insert whatever here>!" You flashed this ROM because you liked it at some point, if that change please stop using it.
    • Suggestions for improvements are always welcomed. As long as they are well documented and as long as you understand that NOT everything is possible.
    • NO ETAs! While I do my best to constantly work on the ROM to improve, *fix and add new features, again this is a hobby! There are periods when due real-life issues I can't spend too much time for InsertCoin! If this becomes an obligation passion fades and I might stop cooking the ROM

    Sharing Policy

    • Sharing is caring!
    • You are free to use this ROM or parts of it to fit your needs as long as you provide proper credits and you ask permission!
    • Using my work and claiming it your own will lead to reporting to XDA Administrators.
    • You can PM / email me if you have any difficulties figuring what's changed and where! I'll do my best to help you.


    • latest htc base: 3.57.401.500 debug - mad props @shnizlon
    • more languages enabled (FULL WWE)
    • root, busybox and init.d support
    • persistent ADB enabled
    • ramdisk improvements
    • battery life, performance and memory improvements
    • improved AGPS by a lot
    • sysro / sysrw binaries
    • openvpn / sqlite support
    • disabled logging & removed bloatware
    • stripped debugging info
    • optimized with latest sdk.
    • advanced power menu - credits Dunc001 for the original mod
    • CallRecording Support
    • huge system app remove list - credits shnizlon
    • 5x6 Grid size option
    • Customizable horizontal quick settings (heqs / inline eqs) - press the date in status bar
    • Customizable quick settings - press and hold the tiles for entering editing mode
    • optional desense option - credits shnizlon
    • optional disable ugly 3-dot black bar
    • optional wake via volume buttons
    • optional to odex your ROM on flashing or at a later date
    • optional to get rid of the ugly power save persistent notification
    • optional disable noise cancellation - props @grgsiocl
    • optional disable exchange security
    • optional Xposed Framework
    • optional NFC on when screen off
    • optional turn on screen on SMS receive
    • optional disable Blinkfeed
    • optional show 4g icon instead of LTE
    • optional CRT-OFF animation
    • optional Long Press Back Key to kill active app - props @gharrington for the original mod
    • optional Viper4Android FX
    • optional 30steps volume mod
    • optional center clock
    • optional remove battery icon completely (and use HTC % Battery Text)
    • optional battery % mods - check Kustomizer
    • optional transparent Status Bar / Navigation Bar / Folders check Kustomizer
    • optional custom window transition animations check Kustomizer
    • optional custom fonts check Kustomizer
    • Smoothest ROM
    • Best Battery Management
    • Fast fixes / updates

    Download & Changelog

    [تنها کاربران عضو قادر به دیدن لینک میباشند.]

    • weather icons mods
    • notification icons mods
    • window transition animations mods
    • fonts
    • battery icons mods
    • clock types mods
    • transparency mods
    Special thanks to

    XDAevDB Information
    InsertCoin 5.0-5 | 3.57.401.500, a ROM for the HTC One


    ROM OS Version: 4.3.x Jellybean
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Recommended HTC 3.57 Firmware, works with older too
    Based On: HTC debug base

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 5.0-5
    Stable Release Date: 2013-10-23

    Created 2013-08-01
    Last Updated 2013-10-23

    پروردگارا به من آرامش ده تا بپذيرم آنچه را که نمي توانم تغيير دهم و دليري ده تا تغيير دهم آنچه را که مي توانم تغيير دهم. بينش ده تا تفاوت ايندو را دريابم مرا فهم ده تا متوقع نباشم دنيا و مردم آن مطابق ميل من رفتارکنند.

    فرهنگ تشکر کردن از دیگران را بیاموزیم....

  2. 2 کاربر مقابل از sephiroth عزیز به خاطر این پست مفید تشکر کرده اند.

    Admin (1st November 2016)

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    کاربر فعال

    کاربران عضو
    تاریخ عضویت
    Dec 2012
    نوشته ها
    رام موبایل
    4.2.2 Stock
    محل سکونت
    تشکر شده 401 بار در 163 ارسال
    دوست عزیز معرفی رام باید به صورت کامل صورت بگیرد و باید دارای اسکرین شات و لینک باشد , تاپیک بسته و حذف خواهد شد !

  4. 3 کاربر مقابل از SheR Win عزیز به خاطر این پست مفید تشکر کرده اند.

    1997 (23rd October 2013),Admin (1st November 2016)

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